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Business approach

Business approach for quality / enviroment / safety

The staff's competence, the increasing of its gear and vehicle fleet, the swift and efficient assistance, the work management in full compliance with the safety rules in every ambiental circumstance, a jobsite organisation characterized by short intervention times and the top-class jobs execution; all these reasons make sure that Crian Edil soc. coop. is a synonym of quality, competency and warranty, offering services and realizing creations which fully meet both Private and Public customers requests.

Crian Edil soc. coop. is associated with Consorzio Ciro Menotti (CCM) subscribed to Associazione Generale delle Cooperative Italiane (A.G.C.I.) which has been working in the private and public contracts hiring since 1962.

The Consortium (CCM) achieved the SOA CERTIFICATION IN 35 CATEGORIES, 6 of this with unlimited amounts:

  • OG1 - Civil and industrial buildings;
  • OG2 - Restoration and maintenance of cultural heritage;
  • OG3 - Roads, bridges, railways, airport runways and complementary works;
  • OG6 - Work on aqueducts, pipelines, oil pipelines, irrigation and drainage;
  • OG9 - Installations for the production of electric energy;
  • OS18-A - Structural components made of steel.

Realization of a water section in Taranto residential area on behalf of AQP

Replacement of a DN300 cesspool in Ginosa (TA) residential area on behalf of AQP (2) Replacement of a DN300 cesspool in Ginosa (TA) residential area on behalf of AQP (1) Replacement of a DN300 cesspool in Ginosa (TA) residential area on behalf of AQP (3)

PE DN250 pipes for water sections A work of ours One of our workers Gres pipes for sewing sections Gres syphon for sewing sections Cast iron pipes for water sections One of our trucks One of our excavators

crian edil video-inspections excavation excavator weeding plants sewing sewer water potable drinkable hydro sewage gas pipeline cleaning packer redevelopment reclamation sections maintenance pipes repairing artesian well works aqueduct acquedotto pugliese consorzio ciro menotti ccm general association italian cooperatives agci san giorgio taranto videoinspections bulldozer resin polymerization pressure tubular resistance flow workers professional specialized job offer